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Performance Health Solutions' Dr. Noah Suter, DC CME is proud to be listed on the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

Performance Health Solutions is proud to offer custom Job Demand Analysis (JDA) and  Post-offer/Pre-employment testing (POET) that are designed and performed with ADA and EEOC compliance in mind. This testing method helps employers by:

  • Reducing injuries by making certain that employees have the physical strength to safely perform their job duties
  • Reducing workers compensation exposure by properly documenting weaknesses or functional problems that an employee brings with them to the workplace, per the American Medical Association (AMA) Guidelines
  • Providing pre-injury baseline measurements on an employee, which allows for treating professionals to expedite the rehabilitation process

What should I be concerned about as an employer making new hires?

  1. Have you ever wondered if a new hire really has the strength and fitness to do the job he or she was hired for safely?
  2. Are you concerned about a new employee bringing an old injury to his or her position within your company?
  3. Have you ever wondered if an employee was really ready to return to the job after an injury?

Performance Health Solutions also utilizes Alere's eScreen Drug testing platform.

Performance Health Solutions is proud to offer Alere’s eScreen testing technology. This automated web-based technology tracks the screening process and provides rapid results with web-based test result reporting straight to you, the employer. Learn more about eScreen here.


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