Physical Rehabilitation

Many times, people who experience long-term pain or are in need of surgery are interested in exhausting all their options before going under the knife. Physical rehabilitation is one of those options that often brings relief from pain, increased and improved mobility, and even reducing the need for prescription medications to control pain.

At Performance Health Solutions we can integrate physical rehabilitation with chiropractic care to provide our patients the best opportunity at long-term healing or our physical rehab can be provided as a stand alone service. We believe in the power of education our patients and equipping them with the knowledge they need to improve their quality of life and live as pain free as possible. We also encourage practices that help patients prevent future pain by helping them develop fitness and wellness programs that encourage active living.

What is physical therapy?

Physical Rehabilitation is the practice of diagnosing and treating patients with medical conditions that limit their movement and the removal or reduction of these limitations.  Our doctors are  licensed health care professionals who work with patients to prevent mobility loss and develop treatment plants to increase movement, restore function, reduce or eliminate pain, and prevent disability.

What are the benefits of Physical Rehabilitation at Performance Health Solutions?

Even during your first visit to the physical therapists at Performance Health Solutions, you’ll have an individualized consultation and then instructions for some therapeutic exercises you can begin working on immediately at home. You’ll learn how to manage your pain, what exercises you can do to strengthen your body, and some basic home care options. Expect to be involved in active care–you’ll have homework you’ll need to complete on a daily basis in order to get the best results from seeing a physical therapist!


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